What Alana Said

Alana Is A Mum Of A Six Year Old Boy Freddie, This Letter Arrived By Email…

She Has Since Booked Her Daughter Anya’s Party With Me…

Simple The Best Letter Ever…

Of The Thousands Of Testimonial Letters, Email, Post Cards and Telephone Calls I have received, This is the winner…Party Date 19th February 2011

Hi Clive/Kevin

I just wanted to thank you for such an amazing party on Saturday – Freddie absolutely loved every second of it and it was by far the best children’s party I have ever been to. It was also the least stressful party I have ever had to host – it was great to have an entertainer present for the duration of the party and thank you as well for involving the adults whilst the children were having their tea.  Paul and the other adults were blown away by some of the magic tricks you showed them!

I downloaded the photos last night that were taken and I have never seen so many children with such amazing expressions on their faces – the genuine enjoyment on their faces was so apparent!

The finale involving the rabbit was brilliant too – it was highly amusing listening to the children while they were trying to work out if it was a real rabbit.  Freddie genuinely thinks he performed a trick that you have been practicing for ages and not yet been able to do.  He thinks he is the bees knees and he honestly believes that without him the rabbit wouldn’t have appeared which is just a magical thing for him and for me to see as his mum!

I was at another children’s party (football party) on Sunday with some of the children who came to Freddie’s and I had several of the parents say to me that their child had gone home on such a high and said it was the best party they had ever been to!

I will be in touch shortly to hopefully book Anya’s party on 2nd August – I just want to let a couple of days go by and make sure it is what she wants – it certainly is what I want for her!

I really can’t thank you enough and will certainly recommend you to anyone who ever speaks to me!

Best wishes


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