Warm Up

The warm up is the real secret to successful children’s parties, here’s how it works for you…

The ‘Warm Up’ eases all children into “Good Mode” What is Good Mode and how does it work. Once there the rest of the party is ever so easy to control and run. Good, happy children make it a fun occasion for everyone, the children, the party parents (you) and everyone else.

The basic idea is to make children laugh…


Mr Mysto starts the fun with some early arrivals

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When your party starts like this the rest is easy…

Once they see the person at the front is a nice person to be with, he is safe, friendly and VERY funny, why would they want to be doing anything else? However, it does not end there, children also discover that I am choosing the people who are good to help me and everyone wants to help and so everyone is good.


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Mixed ages work really well

The presentation of the warm up is adjusted to suit the age and mood of the children and usually lasts between 10 and 15 minutes after which your birthday person is popped onto a chair (with me close by to make sure (s)he doesn’t fall off) and can choose who they would like to sit next to during the magic show.

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