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Mr Mysto is an expert at creating extraordinarily funny parties for children which are hassle and stress free for their parents

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This party is GUARANTEED to be stress free for you because we do all the hard work

You just sit back, relax and enjoy the party…

See Mr Mysto in action at Georgia’s 5th birthday party

Dear Parent or Party Organiser,

Let me guess that entertaining children is not your forte. The very fact that you are visiting this website tells me that you might want some help. I guess you also want to make your child’s party a really special occasion for all the children but the thought of what might happen if it all goes wrong – well let’s not go there!

To discuss your next “stress free children’s party” with one of our party advisers, with absolutely no obligation, simply call FREEPHONE 0800-01 88 118 (best from a land line) or direct on 01737350586 (best from a mobile).

You are right it takes a special skill to be able to organise a house or a hall full of children, keep them safe, having fun and treating the party venue and each other with respect.

If it does go wrong you could wind up with a big bill for clearing things up, repairing your home or in the very worst situation having to deal with parents who have injured children as a result of your party. But don’t worry help is at hand right here…

Watch and Hear What This Headteacher Has To Say

A truly fun and exciting Stress Free party for any age of children can be arranged for you at a very competitive price. Simply click here for your personalised quotation.

It’s easy for you as you simply prepare the food and the birthday cake and we do everything else.

You are only one (free) telephone call away from making your birthday child feel like a million dollars giving him/her the party of a lifetime. 

Because you are not running around trying to organise everything you too can sit back, relax and enjoy a stress free party. So much so that you almost forget that it’s your child’s party and not someone else’s.

Relax You Are In The Safe Hands Of An Expert

Here’s The Whole Fun Party Story…

Picture of child and mum after stress free fun partyLet me tell you what I have in store for your special person’s party. On the day I arrive 30 minutes before the start, I like to spend time with birthday children and their brothers and sisters to make sure they are firmly on board with me.

I want to tell them all about what I have in store for their party (without spoiling any of the surprises of course). I need to organise my show, get myself ready and importantly I make sure mum and dad are okay (there is no need for parents to be stressed).

I start your stress free party the moment the first guest arrives with my VERY FUNNY warm up routine.

Children Laughing Makes Your Party Stress Free

This is designed to let all the children know that I am a nice, fun and a safe person to be with, that I do and say some very funny things; it eases away any little bits of shyness and also gets any boisterous guests back on the straight and narrow.

This is only ever a carrot approach, I am in effect saying “come this way girls and boys because this is very funny” without actually using those words.

To learn more about my Warm Up routine, Good Mode (what it is and why it works) and why this is the real secret to successful children’s parties.

I have five different magic shows and they have all been specially designed for individual ages of children. Highly targeted entertainment helps make your party stress free because it is just right for your child.

Rather than give you general information, I think it better to give you specific information depending on the age and gender of your child. So can I ask you to click the link below according to the age and gender your child will be on their next birthday.

Click the age and gender your special person will be on their upcoming birthday…

Girl 4 years old                         Boy 4 years old

Girl 5 years old                         Boy 5 years old

Girl 6 years old                         Boy 6 years old

Girl 7 years old                         Boy 7 years old

Girl 8 years old                         Boy 8 years old

Girl 9 years old                         Boy 9 years old

My child is going to be 10 to 13 years old (note this is a dedicated site away from this site especially for older children who we call Young Adults).

If your child is under four on their next birthday we may be able to help with the entertainment or other ideas, the best course of action is to give us a call to discuss, numbers below.

If you would prefer to talk to us about a stress free party for you simply pick up the phone and call FREEPHONE 0800-01 88 118 (best from a land line) or 01737-350586 (best from a mobile).

Alternatively you can use our Priority Contact Information. There is no obligation or cost and we are very nice and helpful people to talk to, try it and see for yourself.