Save Money Bonus

The Top Five Ways To Save Money With Your Children’s Birthday Party

1. Party At Home And Save The Cost Of The Hall. The two fears people have about partying at home are…

a)      The children will be running all over my house, in my children’s bedroom, tipping toys out and not treating my home with the respect that I would wish. This will not happen if you’re employing the services of Mr Mysto. The children are much more interested in what Mr Mysto is doing and have no desire to play with toys; usually it will not enter their heads.

b)      There is not enough space in my home. This may be true of course, but it is much more likely you will fit in more children into your space than you think. If you would like a simple formula that will help you calculate exactly how the children will fit in the space that you have visit and then look at question number 20 (Q20).

2. Use Our Party Bags. Very few clients know exactly how many children are coming to their party and they are right on the day. Many clients report that not everybody has responded to the invitation and they’re not sure if they coming to the party or not.

If you were to organise your own party bags, not wishing to be short on the day, most clients buy too many party bags and then of course there is usually a small number left over at the end of the party which are a complete waste.

By using our party bags you only ever buy the number that you need on the day. Most clients choose one of our packages that has party bags included as standard and so the whole job is done for them.

In addition most party givers who arrange their own party bags usually buy the fillers from the local shop; this is the most expensive place to buy your party bag fillers from. We don’t buy our party bag contents from the local shop, we don’t even buy from the wholesaler where the shop gets from, we buy direct from the importers. We can fill a party bag at a fraction of the cost that you can yourself because of the huge quantity that we buy in. So the value you give using our party bags is much more than the cost you actually pay.

3. Arrange A Joint Party. If your birthday person has a friend with a birthday at around the same time, then arrange a joint party and then like magic all the cost are split in two. Usually these friends are in the same class at school and would wish to invite the same children, so often the numbers don’t grow too much.

4. Limit The Amount Of Money You Spend On Decorations. I believe that if the children are looking at the decorations then they are not looking at me and as the children are so engrossed in what I am doing they don’t have the time or the inclination to look at the decorations. Our view on decorations is to keep them to the minimum perhaps some balloons on the door to show people where to come in. In short leave the decorations in the shop and your money in your bank.

5. Keep Food Simple. The party should be about the entertainment and whilst food is understandably important there is no need to spend a lot of money on it. There are a lot more thoughts on party food in the Bonus Book and on the Hints and Tips sheet.

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