Oh What An Easy Party!

Oh What an Easy Party

By a mum who said it was my tip!!

My son Mark’s 5th birthday party was six weeks away and I was not looking forward to it one bit. I mentioned my concern to another mum outside the school gate and she said that she had booked Mr. Mysto for her elder boy and highly recommended him.

I phoned Mr Mysto on Freephone 0800 01 88 118 right away and got his answer machine. What fun, I’ve never laughed at an answer machine message before, but I laughed at this one. He called me back later. Mr Mysto asked a few questions and then gave me all the details of what he did. He made it all sound so easy, I did the food he did the rest, but how much? The price he quoted was not high considering what he would do.

Always cautious I hesitated and sensing this Mr Mysto offered to send me his information package. Why not I thought, it arrived the next day by magic wand; no stamp just a magic wand in the corner, obviously quicker than the post. Even my husband was impressed with the package and that was saying something. (editors note: Today it is sent by Email)

Mr Mysto guaranteed that if we were not entirely happy with his service in any respect, we had just to say so on the day and he would cancel the invoice and we would not owe him a penny. I was sold on his personality and confidence and booked immediately.

Shortly after the Invitations and Thank You Notes arrived. The invitations had all the information already printed on; all I had to do was hand them out.

On the day, he walked through the door and said Hello Mark, what’s your name? Mark smiled and said “Mark”. After some by play with the lad he did a trick for my husband and I that seemed impossible, but he did it. He then asked Mark to help him get all his things ready, which the lad jumped at. Mark sat watching him get ready and laughing, the show had not begun but my boy was having fun.

As the guests arrived Mr Mysto took control immediately, his warm up routine got all the guests on his side. All the children wore their name badges and were like putty in his hands. The show was difficult to leave even for me; the children were lead through a series of stories all with some magic and lots of laughs.

After the show, he lined them all up and marched them off to tea, singing a song. Mr Mysto cleared his set away and then he was doing magic for the adults with half an eye on the children. He would step in if need be but it was hardly necessary.

He advised me when to get the cake ready. I didn’t think you could do much with ‘Happy Birthday’ and the blowing out of the candles, but Mr. Mysto got everyone laughing, adults and children alike.

The children followed him off to play games. Mark helped to choose the games but somehow they ended up playing games that I know Mark has never played before, yet enjoyed immensely. All the games had badges for prizes.

About 10 minutes before the end of the party Mr. Mysto organised the prize giving. Everyone got a prize and a certificate and with their party bags and balloon models, went home happy. I know the children had fun but what was so surprising, was so did we.

Thank you Mr Mysto; Oh what an easy party that was, see you again soon.

P.S. How did you do that trick?

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