Mysto Gold Party Package

Mysto Gold Party Package

This is by far our most popular party package with around eight out of every 10 client’s choosing this one. In addition to everything in the Mysto Economy Party Package you also receive those extra things that whilst not essential make your party that bit more special and the extra investment is comparatively¬†small, your also receive…

Ticky Gold for SFCP siteColoured invitations that arrive with all your personal party details filled in for you (except for the guests name – which we don’t know) another time-consuming job done saving you up to an hour of valuable time.

Ticky Gold for SFCP siteA balloon model for each of the guests, I make a sack full, before I arrive at your child’s party and I make sure every child receives one before they go home. This feature alone is worth the extra investment as they are very popular with the children and every child receives a different unique model.

Ticky Gold for SFCP siteBigger Party Bags, these are DOUBLE the size, we put more and much nicer things in them. Watch your children’s faces light up when they see these impressive gifts.

Ticky Gold for SFCP siteThere are some nice ‘Thank You Notes’ that allow your child to easily write and say thank you to his/her friends. They are in full colour, professionally printed on thick card and specially designed to be just like post cards to minimise the work required. Even if your child is very young and just joined some dots up to write his/her name it would be a wonderful contribution from a little one. Obviously older children can complete these easily in a few seconds.

Ticky Gold for SFCP siteThe cake ceremony is performed on a beautiful bunny rabbit stand, this will enhance any pictures you take of this important part of any birthday party.

Ticky Gold for SFCP siteAlso please make use of our Interest Free Payment Terms and take up to three months to pay for your party.

If this sounds like it might be right for you and you would like to enquire about possibly booking Mr Mysto for your special persons next party, with absolutely no obligation, the simply way is to contact us is by using our Priority Contact Information.

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