Mysto Economy Party Package

Mysto Economy Party Package

This is the Mysto Economy Party Package. In this package, you find all the things you need for your party without any unnecessary frills, in short, all you need to arrange is the Food, Birthday Cake and the Venue (which could be your home) and we do the rest.

We supply all of the following, so you don’t have to worry about…

  • 2-hours of high-class entertainment that your child and his/her friends will love, laugh at, talk about for weeks and remember for years.
  • See Good Mode in operation.
  • Invitations all nicely tied into the Mr. Mysto party theme – another job done!
  • Filled Party Bags for all. Different bags for boys and girls.
  • ‘Name Badges’ I like to call everyone by their names and so I supply a proper badge (not a sticky piece of paper) with the children’s name on.
  • The Mysto Party Plan that sketches out the times’ things normally happen, this is only a guide of course and not something that you need to stick to rigidly.
  • The ‘Mysto Party Organiser’ simple but oh so useful, you’ll love it.
  • And you receive my Hints and Tips page to help make your child’s party the outstanding success we both wish it to be.
  • In addition, you have access to our ‘Freephone Client Help Line’ to help you in any way you need help before, during and if necessary, after the party.

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If this sounds like it might be right for you and you would like to enquire about possibly booking Mr. Mysto for your special persons next party, with absolutely no obligation, the simple way is to contact us is by using our Priority Contact Information.

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