The Most Famous Guarantee
In The Magic World…

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My one and only desire is that you, your birthday person and all the guests have a truly fantastic time at your child’s party, nothing short of that is remotely good enough for you or for me, so I insist on giving you this 100% guarantee..

Here’s The Most Famous Guarantee For You…

If for any reason whatsoever (or even no reason at all)… you do not agree that I have been the most entertaining magician you have ever seen and absolutely fantastic at your party… that my magic show is just right for your child’s age, that all the children were sitting boggle eyed and laughing all the way through my pantomime style show…

That my games are novel, different, varied and fun, that your birthday child was made to feel a very special young person indeed… that my persona with all the children is fun, friendly but professional and always in control, from the moment I arrive to the last minute of your party.

That the professionalism of my staff and I from the first moment you contact my office, right through to the end of your party was to your complete satisfaction, then simply say so at the end of your party and I will cancel your bill and you will owe me nothing.

This is your 100% guarantee of quality or you will not pay me a single penny.

There will be no questions asked or hard feeling either. In addition to this you may keep the Party Bags, Invitations, Thank You Notes and everything else I supply as my personal gift to you as a “thank you” for trying my party entertainment.

In short you must be ecstatically pleased with all that I do for you or your party is free.

That is why it has become the most famous guarantee in The Magic World.

All my very best wishes


Mr Mysto

P.S. Whilst this is (as you have seen) a very comprehensive guarantee, to the best of my knowledge, far and away the best guarantee available from any party entertainer anywhere in the world, I am pleased to report that not one client has ever seen the need to call my most famous guarantee in. I think you will not be surprised that it has become famous…

THE Most Famous Guarantee in The Magic World.

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To read the full story about your Stress Free Mr Mysto Party

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