Good Mode

Good Mode – What It Is And Why It Makes Parties More Fun For Everyone…

Are your children ever so good, that you think (or may even say) “If you were like this all the time I would have six of you”?

Of course you do – all parents experience this from time to time it is called ‘Good Mode’ but what is it that puts children in Good Mode?

Is it…

That they (the children) are after something in return? Not usually, very few young children have the ability to think that far ahead and older children often would not have the staying power to keep it up for long.

Is it because they love you and want to please you? Yes I think it is – but it goes further than that. It starts off with them doing something which they believe will please you and you praise and thank them for it and they do something else, you praise again and so on, i.e. they slip almost accidentally into good mode.

But did you notice it starts with the children doing something and NOT an adult instigating the process. It is because of this that most adults parents, teachers, entertainers and others have trouble starting the process off.

You can see that in a party situation, if you could arrange to have all the children in ‘Good Mode’ how easy the party would be to organise.

Modesty aside I have discovered it is a very rare individual indeed that has the personality to arrange ‘Good Mode’ in all the children at a party and I am going to tell you how I do it…

Here’s How To Arrange ‘Good Mode’ In Your Party Guests…

Many years ago I discovered ‘Good Mode’; I also noticed that after children had been with me for only a few minutes most of them were already in ‘Good Mode’. I also noticed I could do it with my own children, yet my wife couldn’t to start with even though she is very good with children, but she later learned the art and is now a real master at it.

So I studied what I actually did that had the children make up their own minds that they wanted to please me and so start the process off of slipping into ‘Good Mode’.

I discovered that I did almost nothing other than make children laugh. They laughed so much and so often that they didn’t want to leave me. They quickly found out that if they wandered from the straight and narrow I would bring them back again (quickly and gently) and that would take precious seconds before the next big laugh arrived.

So they found if they stayed on the straight and narrow (Good Mode) then the next laugh would arrive sooner and they would have more of them.

Then the rewards of helping in my magic show and prizes for games followed – bribery? Yes a little, but in a party situation why not?

i.e. Lots of rewards for getting into Good Mode and staying there. I never ask for it – that does not work. I put children in a situation where they make up their own mind’s that is what they want to do – it is the ONLY way it works.

So Where Does The Good Mode Process Start?

Right at the beginning, the moment they walk through the door into the party room. You have a 10 second (maximum, usually less) window of opportunity to involve the children in whatever you are doing to start with, with me it is my warm up. If you miss this window of opportunity it is very much harder to start the Good Mode process, often impossible.

With me the laughter starts right at the beginning of the party so that the children see I am good fun, they want to please me and almost accidentally slip into ‘Good Mode’. Before long they are following me round just like The Pied Piper of Hamelin.

If you have any questions about ‘Good Mode’ or wish to see it in action at your next party, why not give me a call on Freephone 0800-01 88 118 we are here waiting for your call and I would love to show you ‘Good Mode’ in operation.

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