"How To Avoid Common Mistakes and Create A Fun, Stress Free Children’s Party"

Most Inexperienced Party Givers Make Avoidable Mistakes That Make Their Parties Less Fun For Their Children And More Stressful For Themselves...

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Why timing your party badly can be an expensive mistake and which are the best times to party.

Where parents go wrong with themed parties and how to get it right for your child.

Why taking parents phone numbers ‘Just in Case’ could be very dangerous.

How to find the right age to start & stop birthday parties for your child.

Green TickWhy it’s hard to book a good professional  entertainer for an outside party.

Green TickWhy single activity parties are usually hassle and hard work for parents and less fun for their children.

Green TickWhy parents who stay at a party often restrict the fun the children have.

Green TickWhy traditional games are not good enough for modern children and where to find some good games.

Green TickWhat to look for when booking a hall for your children’s party.

Green TickHow to get the food just right for your child without spending a fortune.

Green TickWhy trying to book a different show, from the one your children have seen, is both right and wrong!

Green TickWhy allowing children to run around the garden/hall is the worst way to start a party.

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