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Here Are The Answers To Questions Many New Clients Have

How Much Does It Cost For Mr Mysto To Entertain At Our Party?

This depends on which Party Package (Economy, Gold or Platinum) is right for you and where and when you are partying. Obviously booking him in Surrey, close to his home is not going to cost as much as it would to do a show further afield. Just get in touch and I can provide you with all the pricing information you need very quickly.

How Early Do I Need To Book?

Clearly Mr Mysto can only be at one party at a time (although he is working on a cloning act which has so far been unsuccessful!!!), so in short, the earlier you book the more choice of dates/times you have. Having said that it is never too late to try. Sometimes late booking clients are lucky and then everyone is happy especially the children. Most clients book four to six weeks in advance, some book from year to year and we have taken the odd booking on party day itself. The run up to Christmas is obviously our busiest time of year and early booking is definitely advised. Weekends tend to be busier than weekdays.

How Do I Book Mr Mysto?

Either give us a call on FREEPHONE 0800-0188118 (best from a landline) or direct on 01737-350586 (Best from a mobile), or fill in the contact form here to check availability. I will then answer any questions you may have and take a few more details. Booking usually takes only a few minutes. You’ll need to pay the £50.00 Booking Fee which is deducted from the overall cost of the entertainment. We will then post your confirmation package including your Invitations, Confirmation letter, so you know we have everything correct, your Booking Fee receipt and everything else you will need. It’s as easy as that!

What’s The Booking Fee?

The Booking Fee secures your booking, is paid by all clients and is a non-refundable fee to cover the administration costs and other costs associated with preparing for your party. It is deducted from the total cost of the entertainment and is best paid by debit card over the phone. We can also accept a credit card (subject to a 3% fee). Bank transfer and cheque are also options but these do slow things down. 

How Do I Pay The Remainder Of The Fee?

Payment of the balance of the fee is usually made on the day of your party by either cash, cheque or debit card. If you are a Mysto Gold or Platinum Party Package client you can also take advantage of our Interest Free Easy Payment Terms. If you wish, you can pay the balance before your party by debit card or cheque sent to the office or bank transfer.

Can Other Parents Stay To Watch?

Yes of course please do. Mr Mysto loves it when other parents stay to watch, you’ll often find them laughing just as much as the children. We find that with younger children’s parties more parents stay than with older children’s events. However, if parents wish to stay it is important that they don’t turn your children’s party into a social gathering for parents with a baby sitter (Mr Mysto) looking after their children! Mr Mysto believes your party is 100% about the children and everyone at the party is there for the children. Parents chatting at the back cause disruption and distraction to the children and should definitely be discouraged.

Do You Have a Limit On The Number Of Children At The Party?

No, Mr Mysto’s largest party was for 307 children and the smallest was for just one. We recommend you invite all the people you feel your birthday person would value being at the party i.e. the people your birthday person wishes to invite. It is not essential to invite the whole class unless you want to. All of Mr Mysto’s party packages cover up to 20 children (Platinum 25) and a small charge is made for any additional guests. A typical birthday party will have 15 to 30 children and these numbers work very well.

How Much Space Do You Need?

This is not something you need to worry about too much, Mr Mysto is an expert at moulding himself into the space available. Having said that clearly you need to have sufficient space for the number of guests you wish to invite, so if you are partying at home this formula may help you…

Make your party room as rectangular as you sensibly can, so do push back the TV and take the coffee table out, but I would not worry about three piece suite removal or anything like that unless you really want to.

Go to the opposite end of the room to the door, because that’s where Mr Mysto will normally set himself, for many homes that is by the bay window or the patio door. Give Mr Mysto two lady size paces, it will be about four feet, that’s the space he will need for his show. Then pop your child(ren) on the floor in front of that imaginary set up and you will able to guesstimate how many children will fit across and how many children will fit back. So you might for example be able to fit four children across and five children back, 4 times 5 equals 20.

If you’re happy with 20 at the party then go for it at home. If you have 21 on your guest list then it’s not a problem we will squeeze them in there somewhere (if they all turn up on the day). However, if you wish to invite 30 children to your party then that room is not going to be big enough and then it is plan B, probably the local hall.

Can You Help Me Book A Hall?

Yes we can, we have a massive list of halls in the office here and for around 85% of them we have the contact details too. Simply contact us and tell us which towns you would like to consider and we will Email you with all the halls we have in your area. This is a free of charge service with no obligation to book with us either. If you are a Mysto Gold Package client then we can locate, book and pay for the hall for you, we also fill in and return all the paperwork and pay the deposit (if required). Any amount paid plus a £10 fee is added to your account. This is a great service for busy parents in return for such a small charge. We will of course keep you in the loop and you would have the final say before we book anything. If you are a Mysto Platinum Party client this service is included in your package.

Do I Need To Provide Anything For You?

Yes, Mr Mysto needs these six things from you…

  1. Some space, see above and you will see this is very easy.
  2. Some children, they are hard to entertain if they are not there!
  3. A power point somewhere in the party room but preferably close to the stage area.
  4. A cup of tea is desirable although not essential.
  5. Your payment at the end, it helps Mr Mysto pay me!
  6. You to relax and enjoy your party, this is in fact the most important one, Mr Mysto wants you to have fun too.

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

If you feel you may have to cancel your booking then please discuss this with us before you book. If you decide to cancel your booking with less than 15 days notice then the full fee, less estimated travelling costs, will become payable. Cancellations with 15 to 30 days notice will be charged at 50% of the entertainment fee. Cancellations with more than 30 days notice there is no charge. In all cases the Booking Fee will be forfeited, but it can be used as part payment towards any cancellation fee. Cancellations can only be accepted by phone and then confirmed in writing. We can not accept cancellations by voice mail message, text or Email.

Please note that if some misfortune should strike and you need to postpone your party to another mutually convenient date we do not charge although you will need to increase your Booking Fee to 50% of the Entertainment Fee.

Do You Offer Any Special Offers?

Yes we love to help you and have a great special offer, check out our Buy One Get One Half Price deal.

Do You Offer Any Booking Bonuses?

Yes many in fact, go here for full details of Mr Mysto’s Booking Bonuses

Is Mr Mysto A Member Of The Magic Circle?

Yes, Mr Mysto has been a member since 1983, he was promoted to Associate of The Inner Magic Circle with Silver Star in 1988 and to A Full Member of The Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star in 2012. This is The Magic Circle’s Highest degree, it is awarded at the gift of the President and reserved for a maximum of 300 magicians in the world. Learn more about The Magic Circle’s Degree System.

Do You Offer Any Guarantees?

Yes, Mr Mysto offers the Most Famous Guarantee In The Magic Circle. In short you must be entirely happy with EVERYTHING we do for you or he will cancel your bill and you will owe nothing. Go here to read Mr Mysto’s guarantee in full.

Is Mr Mysto A Published Author On Children’s Entertainment?

Book Picture for web siteYes, Mr Mysto has published two books “18 Of The Most Amazing Children’s Party Secrets Ever Discovered” you can have a copy of this book free of charge by contacting us. Mr Mysto’s most recent book “17 Of The Biggest Mistakes Parents Make With Their Children’s Parties” is also available free of charge by going to Free Book. A hard copy of this book is available free if you ask for it when you book your Mr Mysto party.

Does Mr Mysto Perform For Older Children?

Yes he most certainly does, in fact he has a specially designed party for 10 to 13 year olds which we call Young Adults. You can read all about this party on our special Young Adults website.

Do You Have Any Other Questions Answered Anywhere?

Yes two places in fact, you can contact our office where we will be happy to help in anyway we can, this is a free of charge no obligation service. Or you can go to More Questions Answered. Whilst this is one of our websites it is not on this site, so you will be navigating away from this site.

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