Free Venue Finding Service

Free Venue Finding Service

Here in the office we have a massive database of local venues, we have the names, addresses and in 83% of cases the telephone numbers of the booking clerk. We can help you source a venue for your special event, in either of the following two ways…

Two Venue Finding Options For You To Choose From…

Option 1…. We will happily give you free of charge, details about all the venues we have in your area, and you can give them a call and book them if you wish. This is free of charge even if you don’t wish to book an entertainer with us.

Simply call Freephone 0800 01 88 118 during office hours or email and tell us which areas you are interested in and we will gladly help you. Remember this is free of charge and without obligation on your part to book anything or anyone with us or a venue.

Option 2…. We do all the hard work for you. You simply tell us what you want and where you want it and we will source a venue, fill in all the forms and charge it to your credit card, here is what we check…

  • Availability on the date and time you want
  • Has the necessary facilities you want (see the top ten hall tips below)
  • Is an appropriate size for your event
  • Is an appropriate venue for your event
  • Price
  • Proximity to your home or work place that you tell us

Our charge for this service is only £25 plus the cost of the venue, we simply charge your credit card and post all the details to you by 1st class post.

However, when you are a client that books an entertainer with us, the charge for our hall booking service is only £10 plus the cost of the party venue. When you book the “Mr Mysto Platinum Party Package”, our hall booking service is free; you only pay for the venue on party day.

To arrange an entertainer or a party venue for your event, simply call Freephone 0800 01 88 118 our hall advisers are waiting for your call.

Top Ten Tips On The Best Type Of Hall For Your Children’s Party…

  1. The size of hall you select should ideally be like a big front room and not an aircraft hanger. If the hall is too spacious it will lack atmosphere, the children will spread out too much and hard to organise. If you do find yourself in a big hall, I suggest you put a row of chairs across the middle and tell the children that the party is on this side of the chairs and they are not allowed over that side.
  2. Make sure the kitchen has the facilities you need. i.e. If you are planning a hot meal make sure the oven has a large enough capacity, that it works and you know how it works. Do you need matches if it’s a gas oven? etc.
  3. What security is there in terms of safety for the children?
  4. The cost should be somewhere between £40 and £60 in Surrey, if it’s a lot more try shopping around before you agree.
  5. Are you going to be happy feeding the children from the floor in a picnic style?
  6. Are the toilets clean and suitable? i.e. Will the boys be able to reach? Or do you need a box for them to stand on?
  7. Do they have sufficient parking for you and the guests?
  8. A low ceiling and a carpeted floor are much better than a wooden floor and a high ceiling, the later will make your party noisy and it will be more difficult to make yourself heard.
  9. Don’t allow the hall to force you into booking more time than you need.
  10. Are tables and chairs provided? If not, is a hire company available? At what price per table and chair?

Editor’s note: If you need tables and chairs for your party venue, we can help here too. Simply call Freephone 0800 01 88 118 and tell us what you need and we will advise you of what is available in your area.

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