Easy Payment Terms

Here’s How to Make Arranging for Mr Mysto to Appear at your Next Party the Most Easy And Affordable Thing You Can Do.…

To help you organise the best possible party whilst not breaking the bank, I have arranged for an easy and affordable payment scheme that makes life so much easier for you…

Why Am I Offering Easy And Affordable Payment Terms At No Extra Cost To You?

Well the answer is simple… I want you to be excited about Mr Mysto appearing at your party. Many parents report that any stress they felt before booking disappeared as soon as they put the phone down after booking their special Mr Mysto party, I want you to feel that way too.

When You Book You’ll Know You Are In The Hands Of The Experts…

On the day, we insist that you have the very best party possible, the children will be rocking with laughter from the moment Mr Mysto arrives, the party will be the easiest you have ever put on and the whole thing runs just like we say it will (if it doesn’t for you we don’t want you to pay a single penny).

At the end the day, we want you to sit back and think that was a really great party, everyone had a truly great time.

In addition, in the days, weeks and months following your Mr Mysto party, we want you to be easily able to afford things that are important to you and your family. If you were not in that situation you may start to have negative feelings about your special party, and we don’t want that for you.

So to make sure that you don’t have any money problems caused by the party, I have arranged for you these easy and affordable payment terms so you can pay what you wish, when you want.

By doing this for you, I know you will have good feelings about your Mr Mysto party, before, during and after your special day.

Look How Easy And Affordable We Have Made It For You…

You can pick the amount you wish to pay each month (or week) or

  • You could pick how many months (or weeks) you wish to pay over
  • Take up to five months to pay if you wish
  • You simply write one cheque for each payment and date it/them for a day(s) that suits you best.
  • You can even pay by credit card if you wish (subject to a 3% credit card fee)

Just two simple steps…

  • Decide how much you can easily afford each month (or week)
  • Call us on freephone 0800-01 88 118

We Will Agree To Any (Sensible) Suggestion You Have About Settling Your Account…

We do not charge extra for this service, the cost is the same as when you pay for your party in full on the day

If you have any questions about these easy and affordable payment terms please call your friendly Mysto party adviser on freephone 0800-018 8118 today, it will our great pleasure to help you.

Kevin Grey signature
Kevin Grey
(Office Manager)

P.S. About 25% of our client’s take us up on these easy and affordable payment terms and we are very pleased they do. If we didn’t want you to do it we wouldn’t offer this scheme.

P.P.S. Information about who pays and how they pay is NEVER discussed with any third party, under any circumstances.

Please feel free to take us up on this offer; we love it when you do.

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