You Can Visit The Magic Circle

An Evening Of Magic, At The Home Of The Magic Circle, The Most Famous Magic Club  In The World…

Twice a month, normally on a Tuesday evening, the doors of The Magic Circle are opened to the public for a night of mystery, laughter and fun. Few are lucky enough to enter the “House of 10,000 Secrets”.

Those attending firstly see performances of Close-Up Magic where miracles are brought about right under your nose, and even sometimes in your own hands. Most onlookers have difficulty in believing their eyes as to what they see. Our expert magicians achieve their effects using immaculate Sleight of Hand, Misdirection, Acting, Timing, Body Language, Practise and Luck, in short they cheat!

You will hear a short entertaining talk on the “History of Mystery”, starting from 4,000 BC, but then bringing you right up to date with what’s happening in the world of magic today. Most guests are fascinated to hear about the famous bullet catching trick which has caused the deaths of a number of magicians, and the exploits of Houdini to name just two of many intriguing stories you hear about during this talk by one of our senior members.

There is also a chance to visit The Magic Circle Museum, as well as to see the many exhibits that are displayed around the building. Magic Hosts are on hand to answer any questions you may have about magic in general or the exhibits. The only question they won’t answer is, “How is it done?”

Finally, you will see a stage show in our well-appointed purpose-built theatre. The show, performed by leading members of The Magic Circle, allows you to experience different styles of magic from the serious to the humorous. We promise you will be bamboozled and entertained.

Included in the very reasonable ticket price is a glass of sherry or soft drink on arrival, and sandwiches and coffee during the interval. A cash bar is also available.

Location: All “Meet The Magic Circle” evenings take place at our headquarters near Euston station in north London. If you are interested in this extraordinary evening simply call us on Freephone 0800 01 88 118 and we will arrange for you to receive an information pack.

When you would like to hire a top ranking magician for your private or corporate event, simply call Freephone 0800 01 88 118 and lets have a chat.