A Party At Half Price

A Fantastic Offer To Save You Loads Of Money, Without Reducing The Fun For Your Children or Support For You, Here’s How…

Dear Parents,

As a thank you for trusting me with your booking for one of my Stress Free Children’s Parties I would like to make available to you a fantastic Offer, but you do need to ask for it. This is a thank you for reading this far and we only know you have done that when you tell us by asking for this bonus when you book.

When you buy one party at our normal price you can arrange a second party at half price, saving a whopping £165 or more off the popular Mysto Gold package (other choices available).

Obviously the entertainment needs to be right for your special birthday person and the rest of the family and we are here to answer any questions you may have on that front but now you have read the website this far you are now quite an expert on my parties.

If by any chance you have landed on this page direct from your search engine and wish to read more about my Stress Free Children’s Parties then go here.

Here Are The Details Of This Fantastic Half Price Party Offer

You receive exactly the same package as clients paying full price, the same invitations, the same party bags and the same entertainment. In fact everything is exactly the same except you pay only half the price for your second party.

All we ask is that you book….

  • One of your parties for a Monday to Thursday, it could be the first one at full price or the second one at half price that is your choice.
  • The second party before the date of the first party. You don’t  have to book the second party at exactly the same time as the first party but you do need to book it and pay the Booking Fee no later than close of business on the day BEFORE your first party.

You just pay a small booking fee of £50 for each party (total £100) and the balance can be paid on your party days or you can make use of our “Easy Payment Terms“.

We have some great party entertainment for children from 3 to 13 years of age.

  • You could enjoy your half price party for the same child’s party next year. Of course we’ll arrange a different show and different games.
  • You could use it for another child in your close or extended family.
  • If you wish, you could give or sell your second party to anyone you know.
  • You can get together with a friend, neighbour, relation or work colleague and share the total cost of the two parties between you.

The choice is yours.

I think you now understand that I am (modesty aside) an expert at creating stress free children’s parties for parents, that are great fun, laughter filled, magical extravaganzas for their children; can we do it for your child(ren)?

You simply supply the venue (which could be your home), the food and the birthday cake and we’ll supply everything else your party needs.

You receive Invitations, filled Party Bags for all the children, Name Badges, the Mysto Party Plan, the Mysto Party Organiser and my Hints and Tips page. On the day you have virtually nothing to do because I look after the children from the moment they arrive until they all go home, just sit back, relax and enjoy the party.

There is nothing better than watching a room full of children laughing their socks off.

All my parties are covered by my guarantee of quality. You can choose from three party packages Economy, Gold or Platinum.

Exactly How To Arrange Your Next Party Using This Fantastic Offer …

To take advantage of this fantastic offer simply call Freephone 0800-018 8118 and say the magic words “can I have a fantastic offer party please” and we will arrange everything for you straight away. You confirm your second party at your leisure any time before the date of the first party. You pay the second booking fee (£50) when you book the second  party.

Booking is simple it takes no more than a few minutes to arrange all the details, so your party is just as you want it.

I urge you to call today as I don’t know how long we can keep this special bonus going for, it is proving to be very popular.

We look forward to speaking with you soon.

My very best wishes,



Mr Mysto

P.S. You can enjoy your second party using this fantastic offer, by simply arranging one of your parties to be on Monday to Thursday and book the second party before the date of your first party.

P.P.S. With your second fantastic offer‘ party you enjoy exactly the same package as if you were paying full price, the only difference is the cost.

P.P.P.S. Some people ask why we are making this fantastic offer and the answer is simple, there are three reasons…

1. We know that many of the children at your party will want me to come to their party and so the more parties we entertain at the more children we will meet.

2. Whilst Fridays, Saturdays  and Sundays fill many times over, Monday to Thursday parties are sometimes not all filled every week and this fantastic offer is designed to ethically bribe you to help us fill those mid week slots.

3.  I am genuinely grateful to you for taking the time to read all about my Stress Free Parties and your booking and I want to say thank you in a very tangible way.

To read the full story about your Stress Free Mr Mysto Party